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Our Mission

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To create, develop and maintain a unique and thriving community with thoughtful preservation of the historic atmosphere and a progressive approach toward beautification.


Our Vision

To stimulate and promote economic development and neighborhood improvement throughout the City of Vermilion while maintaining the maritime heritage of the community.

Letter from the Director

Whether Vermilion is a traditional destination for you and your family and friends or if you're looking for somewhere new to explore along the Lake Erie shore, we're glad you're here! Main Street Vermilion is happy to introduce you to all there is to see, do and experience in our "Small Town On A Great Lake."

We liven up Vermilion with fun things to do and events that attract a crowd. And we add color to the community with flowers, trees and create public spaces that encourage gathering.

It's our focus to preserve and protect landmarks like the Vermilion Lighthouse. We also share and encourage the creativity through the arts and always look for ways to improve, beautify and add more features to the town where we live and you visit.

Looking for something to do, somewhere to go, eat or stay?  Wondering what we're up to today to make our community even more vibrant and welcoming?  We know you'll find it here. A stop in our Visitor Center comes with a smile, conversation and even more ideas for how to make your stay in our town a memorable experience.


Executive Director
Marilou Suszko

Board of Directors

Executive Director
Marilou Suszko

City Council Representatives
Barb Brady

Judy Kernell

Vice President
Fred Miggins

Libby Williams

Gerald Schaefer

Mayor, City of Vermilion
Jim Forthofer

Board Members
Eileen Bulan
Beth Eberhard
Heather Ferguson
Dave Hoffman
Judy Klucas
Peg Needham
Suzi Piskur
Reenie Rak
Pam Reese
Chris Riddle
Suzanne Zadell