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Members & Partners

Main Street Vermilion appreciates the support received from our many members, partners, sponsors and donors. By investing in the organization they keep our mission moving forward to help create a vibrant community, one in which people are proud to live, work and stay. Thank you.

We welcome individual members to Main Street Vermilion and encourage area businesses and those who serve our community to join us as partners.

Can we count on your support?

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Thank you to these local businesses who support our efforts and benefit from the work, tourism and marketing programs, and beautification efforts we bring to our community.

Thank you to the members of our community who understand our mission
and value a welcoming, unique community.

Family Members

Scott Blair and Mary
Elaine and Denny Carlin
Fran Chapman
Peter and Dana Corogin
David and Peg Darrah
Clint Delafield
David and Mary Deucher
Zack and Wendy Dolyk
Melinda Falconi
Carol and Gere Flick
Mark and Maryann
David and Sharon Herzer
Carolyn and John Hill
Karen and Larry Howell
Carol Hutch
Bill and Amy Imbur
Shelly and Jim Innes
Jan Kinloch
Carol Kosik
Kenneth and Alisa Lieux
Frank and Sandy Loucka
Jerry and Renie
Joe and Joette McDonald
William and Deborah
Jerry and Jill Pearl
Jim and Krista Peters
Matt and Suzi Piskur
David and Karin Rathburn
Gene and Carol Resovsky
Robert Sanson
Gerald and Jeannette
Staicey and Brad Scholtz
Philip and Karen Schultz
Don and Sue Shafer
Robert and Vivian Skladan
Bill and Judy Somers
Don and Linda Sopko
Jackie Strait
Randy Strauss and
Janet West
Diana and Tony Szambecki
Elias and Mayya Traboulsi
William and Marie Warden
Tom and Sharon Zeck

Individuals Members

Martha Ahrens
Molly Anders
Karen Anderson
Janine Beleski
Sue Culler
Ray Cribb
Jane Decker
Carole Disbrow
Scott Dommin
Mark Doran
Carol Dorsey
Jan Fegley
Cheryl Flowers
Janet Ford
Rita Hassett
Steve Herron
Elnor Hilty
Cathy Hromjak
Kay Hughes
Jolanta Karpinski
Gary Kelley
Eric Kircher
Janet Koehn
Eva Korinek
Mary Ann Law
Harvey Mann
Sandi Morse
Joan Petroff
Reenie Rak
Donna Ransom
Diane Reinhart
Eileen Rockwell
Cat Rogers
Debbie Schwensen
Drew Severs
Chris Standring
Nancy Stark
Anne Stock
Janet Waggoner
Christine Waldorf
Jane Weaver
Libby Williams


Larry and Karen Bettcher
David and Michaeline Hille
Lee and Jo Ann Howley
Dick and Debby Zanglin


Gary and Cindy Baker
Carol Elden
Pat and Bruce Keller
Judy and Dan Kernell
Nancy and Sean O'Connor
Bob Van Bergen

Sustaining Members

Theresa and Ken Arendt
Raymond Asik
Donald and Virginia Bartels
David and Ellen Basinsk
David and Connie Blackman
Robbie and Ron Brown
Mike and Eileen D'Amato
Larry and Sharon Deem
Beth and Dave Eberhard
Bud and Leslie Ennis
Jim and Linda Estle
Heather Ferguson
John and Doris Ferguson
Carol and Kevin Fink
Mark and Margie Fowler
John and Barb Heideman
Amy Hendricks
Gloria and Bill Hendricks
Tami and Kirk Horton
Jim and Claudia Hower
Judy Klucas
Frank Laudonia
Fred and Lynn Miggins
Victor and Celine Nemeth
Terry Pena
Luis and Theresa Proenza
Pam and Bob Reese
Jennifer Sochacki
Ken and Gail Stumphauzer
Stephan and Christa Turnbull
Mary Lou Van Merris and Jim Pivarski
Alan Wear
Margaret and Chuck Worcester
John and Betty Wright


Brice and Adelyn Blackman
Robbie and Ron Brown
Elaine and Denny Carlin
Ken and Jan Cassell
Pennie Clifford
Barbara Cook
Peter and Dana Corogin
Jim Forthofer and Sue Cieslak
Jim and Kris Gerish
Lee and Jo Ann Howley
Dave and Key Hughes
Judy and Dan Kernell
Fred and Lynn Miggins
Bill and Arlene Oley
Gene and Carol Resovsky
Terry Ripich
Roger and Joan Skelley-Watts
Dave and Sherry Sokol
Donel Sprenger
Marilou and Ihor Suszko
Ingemar and Paula Svala
Jane Weaver