Ice-A-Fair 2019 was great!

The 11th Annual Main Street Vermilion Ice-A-Fair was a day blessed with mild winter temperatures and sunshine, a welcome relief from a week marked with sub zero temperatures and a foot of snow. Thousands of visitors made their way to town to look at more than 65 ice sculptures of everything imaginable, shop, dine, discover Vermilion look at Lake Erie in its winter glory. Then they stayed for Fire & Ice, a massive chimney crafted of detailed blocks of ice that housed a roaring fire that lit up the light sky. Set to music, the crowd watched and waited to see if the fire would outlast the ice or if the melting ice would douse the fire. This year the fire won and It was a fitting ending to a beautiful day.

Ice-A-Fair 2019 Gallery

If you joined us, thank you! But if you couldn’t, enjoy this gallery of sculptures and the events of the day. Click on the image and it will take you to a sponsor’s website or Facebook page. At the end of the gallery, be sure to take a look at the list of donors, volunteers and others who helped make Ice-A-Fair happen.

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Thank you to these individuals and business for your support of Ice-A-Fair!

Anonymous Donor
Diana Machock, Poppin’ Around
Marge & John Korhel
Judi Adams
Carol Elden
Brian Pullis
Tiffany Sekeres, Tiffany’s Flowers
Dave & Sharon Herzer

Brewed Awakening
Burger King
Dunkin Donuts
Giant Eagle
Martino’s International Café
Papa Joe’s
Quarry Hill Orchards
Subway on Rt. 60
Subway on Liberty
Vermilion Farm Market

Tony & Diana Szambecki
Lee & JoAnn Howley
Dave & Therese Hoffman
Dana Corogin
Fred & Lynn Miggins
Cheryl’s Fashion Boutique
Bliss Spa
Liberty Auto Wash
the Wine Vault
Kingston of Vermilion
Rich Kropf
Janet Balliett Waggoner
Liberty Ford
Romp’s Dairy Dock

Ellen O’Hara
Fred Miggins
Frank Zadell
Jerry Schaefer
Jerry Smith
Phil Schultz
Judy Klucas
Pam Reese
Staicey Scholtz
Suzi Piskur
Tina Swinehart
Dana Corogin
Elyse Ferber
Judy Kernell
Liz Elden
Robbie Brown
Al Pawlowski
Breanne Gueth
Scott Dommin
Kristine Duke
Matt Piskur
Sue Patterson
Tony West
Amy Jo West
Teri Fischer

Jeannette Schaefer, Co-Chairman
Janet Ruh, Co-Chairman
Debbie Baker
Beth Eberhard
Eileen Bulan
Elaine Carlin
Elyse Ferber
Carolyn Hill
Amy Kemnic
Kathy Papp
Karen Schultz
Jane Weaver
Suzanne Zadell

Mayor Jim Forthofer
Anne Maiden, Administrative Assistant
Tony Valerius, Director of Public Services
Dana Corogin, Supervisor Parks and Recreation Department
Vermilion Streets Department
Vermilion Police Department
Vermilion Fire Department

The Vermilion Photojournal
Broadcast Sponsor: Doug Wilbur, WOBL/WDLW
Broadcast Sponsor:  Andy Barch & Matt Douglass, WEOL

Consumer Builders Supply
Fred Miggins, President, Main Street Vermilion
Marilou Suszko, Executive Director, Main Street Vermilion
Brian & Kim Sullivan, Vermilion Boat Club