All Washed Up

Driftwood. It washes ashore bringing beauty and mystery. How long has it been making its way to us...and from where? Driftwood is free, abundant, natural and inspiring. No wonder so many artists, sculptors, carvers and creators enjoy with working with such a fun, inspiring material!

All Washed Up, Vermilion’s first driftwood art contest was held Saturday, August 10th at Friendship Park in the heart of downtown Vermilion. Forty-five amazing entries, from kids to teen, adults and teams were displayed in this beautiful pocket park during what was a perfect weather day. We counted and there were more than 850 spectators who came to enjoy the artwork and spend some time in Vermilion to experience the atmosphere, shopping, dining and more.

Thank you!

There are many people to thank for bringing All Washed Up to Vermilion! So let’s get to it!

Sponsors Key Bank of Vermilion and Executive Cleaners. Main Street Vermilion
thanks them for their continued support of our organization, events
and activities
Host The Vermilion Arts Guild
Event Organizer Mary Ellen Cudney
Workshop Artists Tim Balda and Tom Winiasz
Event Volunteers Janine Beleski, Scott Dommin, Judy Kernell, Sandi Morse, Vicki Hudak,
Bruce Cudney, Janet Waggoner, Sue Winiasz, Cat and Tim Rogers,
Marilou Suszko
Judges Lora Moser, Burning River Boutique; Garrett Aston, Chairmaker & Friends;
Jola Karpinski; Sally Fox

And the Winners are!

It was a difficult task to pick a winners from all the entries but our judges selected first place and runner up winners in four categories and spectators were each given one vote to determine the People’s Choice Award. Congratulations! Each received a certificate and a gift from All Washed Up!

Kids Division Macy Fritz, 1st Place | Sam Riddle, Runner Up

Teen Division Rebecca Stylers, 1st Place | Mya Fritz, Runner Up

Adult Division Jeffrey Paul, 1st Place | Melissa Francisco, Runner Up

Team Division Suzanne Schwarz, Lily Lewis, Sofia Schaffer, Madeline Pinter
and Sage Pena, 1st Place | Suzt and Tom Tonich, Runners Up

People’s Choice Linda Dempsey

A look back at All Washed Up! 

Whether you were there or missed the driftwood artwork during All Washed Up, here’s your chance to see what you missed or take it all in again. Thank you to all of the artists (identified with their artwork) for making this event special and memorable!